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  • Are you tired of false promises?
  • Are you tired of paying $200,000 to remediate 1,500 grams a day out of your equipment?
  • Are you tired of your chromatography device breaking?
  • What about your system being so complicated no one can fix it for weeks...costing you $50,000+ a day?
  • What about calling into the customer service line and feeling like they just do not care about your massive problem?
  • We get it. We have been on your end. We have been at the mercy of long lead times and unknown fixes. We have lost customers. All while our industry moves at neck breaking speed....As a result we invented a solution. Our technology is simple, safe and efficient ¬†and you won't need to use hazardous chemicals.

A solution for processors, invented by processors.

Low Power
Entry level employees can operate device
Works as
No hype like the other solutions on the market.
Capabilities starting from 100L-2000L per month

Our sole focus is THC Removal.

We work day in and day out to innovate and adapt with our ever changing industry.
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  • Less stress?
At Delta9 Solution our mission is to deliver. The result is a happy client.

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